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Baltic Amber as Holistic Pain Relief

Could 31, 2022

Baltic Amber has typically been utilized as holistic cure to take care of aches and pains particularly in the Nordic regions of Europe. Despite the fact that generally referred to as a gemstone, Baltic Amber is in fact fossilized tree resin that has washed down to the shores of Lithuania from the forests of Sweden over centuries.

The historic individuals of these areas believed that the necklaces and bracelets designed from amber had therapeutic powers and wore them as a treatment for aches and pains.

We now know that the ability of Baltic Amber lies in its high concentration of the anti-inflammatory compound succinic acid. Succinic acid is a normal compound that decreases swelling, and as a consequence agony, in the system.

Amber sourced from the Baltic regions has the best concentration of this compound out of all of the amber varieties in the environment, making Baltic Amber a terrific holistic addition to remedies addressing ailments which includes complications, bronchial asthma, arthritis, and teething.

Lately, succinic acid has commenced to make waves in skincare as nicely, likewise for its ani-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and comforting effects.

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