July 13, 2024


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Bio-Identical Hormones for Female Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio-Identical Hormones for Female Hormone Replacement Therapy

The majority of women experiencing menopause require some kind of HRT to help alleviate their sufferings, and even women prior to menopause can suffer symptoms of hormonal imbalance if they have a poor diet or are missing out on important vitamins. Both sets of women can suffer from a variety of symptoms, including pains in the breasts, feelings of bloating after eating, unexplained weight gain, insomnia, depression and anxiety, and even more severe problems such as loss of calcium and lower bone density, and arthritis. All of this can leave a woman feeling very unhappy, and may expose her to other risks such as breast cancer. In many cases, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help a woman to get back on her feet.

There are two main hormones whose loss is responsible for the symptoms which women suffer. The powerful estrogen hormone is responsible for the pre-menstrual cycle, and its loss can cause tenderness in the breast, an eruption of allergies or skin symptoms and severe mood swings. While these problems can be treated with traditional HRT, many woman experience continued symptoms due to the loss of another hormone, Progesterone. The majority of HRT treatments do not add this, and only bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can really replace both types of hormones through one treatment.

The bio-identical hormones are created using organic hormones which are developed in a lab using plant-based hormones. These allow them to be recognized by the body more easily than the typical HRT product, which is created from synthetic hormones. The latter are usually obtained through animal products, and can increase the risk of cancer and high blood pressure. Instead, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy provides the taker with a completely organic and natural substance which will allow them to get what they need from the therapy without having to absorb too many non-organic chemicals.

It is not always a good idea to accept non-organic replacement hormones when you are suffering from a pre-menopausal problem, as the latter can sometimes be triggered by the body’s reaction to chemicals. If you have suffered from allergies in the past, then bio-identical hormones will always be a much better response, and gives you an alternative to synthetic hormones.

You may need to speak to several doctors before you can find one who is ready to allow you to avoid synthetic hormones, and instead choose a bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that can help you to reduce the risks of weight gain and high blood pressure that can sometimes be caused by unnatural chemicals.