July 19, 2024


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Body Contouring – Cosmetic Surgery to Give You Shapely Curves

Body Contouring – Cosmetic Surgery to Give You Shapely Curves

Sometimes your clothes just don’t fit right and you wish you had smoother lines and curves. Maybe you’ve recently lost a lot of weight or had your very last kid and you want to correct the damage done to your body.

You have several body contouring plastic surgery options to choose from. Depending on what you want to fix, there is a procedure to reshape your entire body.

1. Liposuction- This is the basis for all the other body contouring procedures. By spot-removing pockets of fat, it enhances the results of other surgeries. Prior to any lift, your surgeon can liposuction the area to make sure everything lays as flat as possible.

2. Tummy tuck- This one procedure can work wonders on the shape of your body.

3. Thigh lift- Women tend to accumulate fat in the thighs. You know, the stuff the rubs together when you walk and jiggles on the outside. Making an incision in the crease of the groin, he pulls the inner thigh up and removes the excess skin. For the outer portion, the incision goes from the groin around to the hip. Your legs will be slimmer and your bottoms will fit so much better.

4. Buttocks lift- Just like everything else, your butt is going to fall as you age. Drooping and sagging, your jeans don’t fit right anymore and forget about a bathing suit! Often, your surgeon can combine your buttocks lift with an outer thigh lift. This makes for the best results to slim and contour the lines of that area.

5. Breast lift- Age, pregnancy and weight gain stretches out the breasts. There are a couple of incision site options, but the end result is the same. Your surgeon lifts the breast back to a normal location, removes the excess sagging skin and repositions the nipple for a natural look. If necessary, he may also recommend implants to achieve the best results.

6. Arm lift- Over time, the skin on the back of the arm falls prey to gravity and you get “bat wings.” The traditional technique leaves visible scars because the incision runs from the elbow to the armpit. But, if you are a good candidate, there is also a scarless arm lift.

A small incision is made in the crease of the underarm so it is hidden. This only works if you have minimal sagging.

Your plastic surgeon must have board certification and a license to practice. Also, make sure he has the experience in body contouring techniques. He will evaluate your body, take into account the look you want and make suggestions about how to achieve it. You may only need one or two procedures or you may need a total body lift. Once you’ve gone through the body contouring process, you will be amazed at how much better you look in and out of your clothes!