May 17, 2022


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Clothing for Muay Thai training gym of boxing in Thailand and women

Clothing for Muay Thai training gym of boxing in Thailand and women

Thai boxing is unarmed combat and is also the national sport of Thailand. It is gaining popularity worldwide because it helps mental and physical wellness. Usually, people go to Thailand for Thai boxing training gym on vacations to stay healthy and visit amazing places in Thailand. 

Clothing for Muay Thai training gym of boxing in Thailand and women

After enrolling yourself in the training gym, the first that comes to mind is what sports gear you need for the training. Though there are no special gears needed for the training, if you want to take extra precautions and immerse in the training, here is the list. 

Muay Thai Boxing Shorts 

You must add Muay Thai shorts to the top of your shopping list. In Thailand, the weather is humid and tropical throughout the year, so men prefer not to wear any top while women wear a top. While Both prefer muay Thai shorts. The good thing about Muay Thai shorts is that they are very comfortable and allows the trainee to move easily. 

Due to the tropical weather, these shorts and clothing are made in a breathable design. These shorts are available in many designs and are affordable. 

Muay Thai Boxing Clothing  

Though the men prefer to be topless due to tropical weather in Thailand in other countries where the temperature is low, the men prefer to wear a tank top for training. There are shirts available for women too, but women also have the option to wear tank tops or sports bras. These shirts are usually made of quick-dry polyester or cotton cloth so that people comfortably get trained. These shirts are available in various designs according to fashion, and that is why you can wear these shirts both for training and casually. 

Muay Thai Ankle Guards 

Ankle guards are not mandatory to wear during the training. But if you are getting Muay Thai training just for fitness and weight loss, you might not want to get any injuries. For extra safety, you can wear ankle guards. Some beginners are also recommended to wear ankle guards to avoid any serious injuries if they are getting tough training. Most Muay Thai boxing professionals prefer ankle guards to provide good support and guard. Ankle guards are very affordable and are a long-term investment. 

Muay Thai Boxing Gloves 

The only thing that is mandatory for Muay Thai sportswear is boxing gloves. As this sport mainly includes kicking and punching, boxing gloves are crucial to avoid any grave injuries. The important thing to keep in mind is never to compromise on the quality of the gloves, as you are going to need these gloves throughout the training. Boxing gloves are more expensive than other gears, but good-quality gloves are durable. 

In A Nutshell 

There is also training gear available in the Muay Thai training camp, but the advice is that if you can afford your own sports gear or Muay Thai boxing clothing, then buy them. Suwit Muay Thai of efficient corporation is a Muay Thai training gym with clothing shop for women. The gears available at the camp are usually worn out and smelly, which will make your training difficult. 

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