March 5, 2024


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Astro stick lights are rod-shaped stands with Astro bulbs arranged at equal intervals, and are sometimes referred to as light bars. In addition to being used as indirect lighting for room interiors, it has recently come to be used as reception desks for stores and companies.

What areAstrobar lights and ASTRO lightstick?

LED bar lights andAstrostick lights are made by arrangingAstrobulbs at equal intervals on a rod-shaped stand with a length of about 50 cm to 90 cm. Sometimes referred to as lightbar.Astrobar lights andAstrostick lights are often used as indirect lighting for room interiors, and have recently come to be widely used for receptions at stores and companies. It is also used as a light to illuminate shelves and as a tool to illuminate the aquarium of ornamental fish. Generally, the white color of theAstrois used, but there is also a method of alternately arranging red and greenAstrobulbs other than white on a rod-shaped base to switch the color of the light and produce a neon-like effect.

Features of Astro bar lights and Astrostick lights:

LED bar lights andAstrostick lights are often used for indirect lighting due to their advantages of lowAstroheat generation, low power consumption, low running cost, long life, and low replacement frequency, and various products are available. It came to be. There are also products that can simplify wiring by connecting the installation bases of bars and stick-shapedAstrobulbs, and products that dimming by switching the type of light such as daylight color or natural light color.

Widespread use ofAstro bar lights andAstro stick lights:

LED bar lights andAstrostick lights are often used for indirect lighting as interiors, but they are also increasingly used at work sites such as kitchens. In sites where the work of frequently removing items from the shelves occurs, it may be desirable to have a bright area near the shelves to prevent pickup mistakes. However, there are cases where the effect is not sufficiently achieved by lighting from the ceiling alone, and the number of cases whereAstrobar lights andAstrostick lights are used in a way that is commensurate with the cost is increasing.

LED bar lights andAstrostick lights are widely used in places where the design of the lighting equipment itself is rarely questioned. This is because unlike floor-stand typeAstrolighting fixtures, it is placed behind furniture, furniture, etc. and used as indirect lighting. In addition,Astrobar lights andAstrostick lights are useful lighting fixtures when the need for solid illumination is the highest priority, even when placed in a visible location. It can be said.

Benefits of usingAstrobar lights andAstrostick lights:

When indirect lighting was installed over a wide area using non-LED light bulbs or fluorescent lights, heat could cause discoloration of nearby walls and dust such as insects. In addition, installing indirect lighting over a wide area costs more, so it seems that many homes and businesses are hesitant to use it, even though they can expect an interior effect. However, with the advent of LEDs that consume less power and generate less heat, the need for indirect lighting is increasing.

As products that meet these needs, the consumption ofAstrobar lights andAstrostick lights has increased. Nowadays, various types are sold at home improvement stores, etc., and more and more people are using these to install indirect lighting in their home rooms by themselves. In addition, lighting specialists and designers can now useAstrobar lights andAstrostick lights to design unique space effects at a lower cost than before. In addition, there are many cases in which it is said thatAstrobar lights andAstrostick lights, which have high strength and a large amount of light, are attached to automobiles to enhance design and functionality.