July 19, 2024


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Gift For The Wife – 3 Best Gifts You Can Give Her

Gift For The Wife – 3 Best Gifts You Can Give Her

Looking for a gift for the wife that isn’t a diamond or vacation to Italy or a divorce (just kidding about the divorce one)? Sometimes it’s hard finding the right gift for your wife when either she pretty much has everything that she wants or you have trouble getting her a gift that she can use and appreciate.

You know you are running out of ideas when you resort to cash, gift cards or take her with you when you go shopping for a present.

Then there are the wives who say to you, “you don’t need to buy me anything”. Those are the words husbands dread hearing. For one, you are rarely sure what this statement really means. Does it mean, don’t buy me anything or does it mean don’t buy me anything expensive? You fear not doing anything because you will feel guilty and risk hurting her feelings and putting her in a foul mood for a couple of days or weeks.

Now, don’t get me wrong by thinking that I’m saying that your wife is materialistic and shallow. By no means is that my intention. What your wife is though is human and just like the rest of us she likes to feel as though she is loved and cared for. How she is shown that she is loved and cared about could be shown via a gift for the wife or perhaps other things she would appreciate.

So, you could buy your wife some fine jewelry or clothing or just maybe gift her the 3 best gifts you could ever give her as noted below.

#1 Gift For The Wife – Commitment

What I bet your wife wants is to see that you are committed to your marriage and family. With over 50% of all marriages ending in divorce and infidelity gone wild, what your wife would probably appreciate is, knowing for sure that she can count on you. Being committed is more than just helping to provide a place to live, food and stuff. Make sure your wife knows that she has all of you. Show her in meaningful ways that she has your mind, your body, your heart, your soul, your love and commitment. Don’t leave her guessing or wondering and you will be giving a continuous gift to your wife.

#2 Gift For The Wife – Physical Intimacy

Ok, before you skip over this one because you think you have this gift under control, please don’t assume that all is OK in the intimacy department. Obviously intimacy means different things to different people and often times there is a difference between husband and wife. One of the best gifts for the wife that you might be holding out on is just being physically intimate outside of the bedroom. Maybe she just wants you to hold her hand walking in public. Perhaps she wants more than a hug that looks like 2 football players patting each other on the back after a game. A passionate kiss just because you love her might be a gift for the wife that she appreciates. Could your wife appreciate just sitting warmly wrapped in your arms during a Lifetime Movie? If you get this gift for the wife right you will be well on your way to a blissful marriage.

#3 Gift For The Wife – Communication

It’s no secret that women talk more than men. Some chalk it up to the fact that women are smarter than men and thus have more to say. Others note that because women talk so much men have been trained to just nod, smile, frown listen as intently as possible. Regardless of why men and women have problems communicating, your wife would probably appreciate the gift of better communication. What I bet your wife would like is for you to make yourself available for meaningful conversations. I’m sure that she would like to feel comfortable bringing up topics related to areas you both need to work on to improve your marriage but avoids doing out of fear of pushing you away or making you resentful or angry.

The key is that she probably would like to have a 2 way conversation from time to time where you both are expressing thoughts, feelings, opinions etc., instead of her speaking and you looking agitated, bored or present in body only.

Your marriage should be the best gift for the wife because it’s something that can become more valuable and precious and rare as time goes by. You can buy her nice things if your finances allow for it and I’m sure that she appreciates it. However, I would also bet that she would really like to have your commitment, intimacy and communication. You can give her all that she needs and wants in marriage.