May 24, 2024


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Great teachers from the great epic Mahabharat

Mahabharata is one of the popular epics of India. Everyone knows about the story of Mahabharata and the valuable lessons that can be learnt from this great epic that is known for its history. We all have grown up listening to life changing tales from the Mahabharata and many of us have often been influenced by the characters of Mahabharata. Thereby learning from them and looking forward to becoming like them , the tale of Mahabharata is known to all and is also liked by all because of its great characters and values. One of the many lessons that we learn from Mahabharata is that of respecting our teachers and being dedicated to them. Now that teachers day is rolling in, many of you must be thinking to buy gifts online and surprising your teachers with a sweet and dedicated gift in order to thank them for teaching you and moulding you into the person that you are today. Let us know about some of the Great gurus and lessons learnt from Mahabharata in order to know more about the importance of gurus in our life.

Parshuram and Gangaputra

We all have heard of Bheeshma Pitamah AKA ganga putra. He was definitely mightier than everyone else and was a man of his words. Skills of this great man were polished by an even greater teacher, Parshuram who taught him all the skills and moulded him into the great warrior that he came across as in the epic. 

Dronacharya : Pandavas and kauravas

It is known to all that the five pandavas and hundred kauravas were related by blood. They were kins. Kauravas were the sons of Dhritarashtra while the pandavas were the sons of Pandu. They were cousins and they received  teaching from the same teacher, who was Guru Dronacharya. Guru Dronacharya was a teacher who taught all his skills to all his deer students and helped them become mightier. It is known to all that Arjun was his favourite student of guru Dronacharya. 

Dronacharya and Ashwatthama

Ashwathama was the son of guru Dronacharya. He too received his education from his father who was his teacher as well. Ashwathama was a great warrior too and he too was good in the art of archery. Dronacharya loved his sin dearly and was proud of him. Ashwathama too, was dedicated to Drona and would never do anything against his will. However he was jealous of Arjuna being dear to guru dronacharya. 

Dronacharya and Eklavya

There would hardly be someone who would not be aware of the story of Eklavya’ s dedication towards guru Dronacharya. You too can please your teacher and express your respect and regards towards them by surprising them with online gifts for him / her on the occasion of teachers day. Thereby making them feel appreciated. You may attach a small thank you note or a greeting card as well. Thereby, telling them how much their teachings helped you in your life. 

Krishna:  Arjuna’s Mentor

Lord Krishna is a mentor to everyone. After all, he guides everyone about what is right and what must be avoided. Today, everyone resorts to the teachings of lord krishna from the bhagwad geeta in order to have a peaceful life or to seek solutions for our problems. Lord Krishna has always been a mentor to his followers. Arjuna too, was a follower of Krishna lord. Lord rishna guided Arjuna and helped him during the battle of mahabharat. It was due to krishan that victory could be attained by the Pandavas. 

Parshuram and Suryaputra Karna

You all must be aware of the miseries of the life of Karna who was actually the son of princess Kunti but was abandoned by her and was led to the house of a charioteer which brought him the identity of  Soot Putra  meaning  one who was born into  low caste. This tag of Spot putra brought many miseries and disadvantages to Radhey or Karna, who was denied education from Dronacharya. Finally he was taught by parshuram. Karna  got all the lessons from Parshuram and proved to be one of the best students of Parshuram. However due to certain misunderstanding, suryaputra karn or Radhey fell prey to Parshuram’s wrath who cursed him for forgetting all his lessons at the time when he would be in real need of them, because parshuram believed that karna had lied to him. 

These were some great teachers from the great epic Mahabharata. You can know more about them by reading the epic or watching it in order to know more about these amazing characters and learn more valuable lessons of life.