February 21, 2024


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History Of Diamond Jewelry In Texas

The History of the Diamond in Jewelry Design and Engagement Rings - Moses  Jewelers in San Antonio Texas

The Rocky Mountains range of Texas has lava rocks and ash beds from previous time periods. Gems and rocks have been collected here from El Paso East to the Fort Stockton area North and South. While in Llano, there are trails of diamonds found, formed by gas-cooled and formed by all types of crystals, including diamond. The history of diamond jewelry in Texas isn’t that detailed, but Texas is rich with other gems and minerals. However, retail and wholesale diamond dealers in Texas are still continuously growing. 

What Is The Origin Of Diamond Shapes Found In Jewelry?

The first cutting of diamonds was made by a guild of diamond cutters and polishers from Nuremberg, Germany in 1375. This was where several shapes started to be cut, such as the oval, square, and so on. Although the original cut was made way back to the late half of 1400, which was called the “point cut”. From then on, cutting diamonds has been spread worldwide, including in Texas. After some time, the modern diamond cutting machine was invented by Charles M. Field. From that time on, different shapes of diamonds have been created.  

Can A Jeweler Tell How Old A Diamond Is?

 Jewelry professionals are trained and skilled enough to tell the quality of the diamond. Here are some details to look into:

Determine if the Diamond’s Cut is Antique

Antique diamond shapes have a listed qualification which includes: Antique cushion cut, old European cut, old mine cut, antique emerald cut, antique Asscher cut, rose-cut diamond, French cut diamond,

antique oval, and marquise cuts. If the cut is not on the list, then it’s not antique and was just made recently. Due to advancing technology, different diamond shapes have emerged and jewelry experts can tell if the jewelry is old or new by merely looking at the shapes. 

Authenticating a Diamond by Its Culet

A culet of the diamond can tell its age. The culet is the facet at the bottom of the diamond. Since modern cutting techniques make it possible to shave down the culet. But for old diamonds’ culets are not possible to shave them down, so if one is still a visible culet, then it means it is old. 

Authenticating a Diamond by Its Mounting

Checking on the mountings of a ring can tell if it is already old. For instance, wedding or anniversary marking on the inner part of the ring band can tell the year it exists. Fading metals can also be an indication of their age.  Certification will also be the best evidence that it is indeed an antique. However, some certificates fade and are too deteriorated to be read anymore. The appearance and settings of the mounting can show signs that it is indeed an old-fashioned one. Designs in ancient times were more complicated and were more accessorized by smaller gems. 

Checking in the Diamond’s Girdle 

The girdle is the part that separates the pavilion and crown. Diamonds from the 1940s have a polished girdle and appear frosted. Therefore, diamonds with frosted girdles are considered antique. 

Ask a Professional for an Appraisal 

A Diamond expert can be the best person to approach when you want to know the age of the diamond. They are skilled and trained at scrutinizing the authenticity of an antique diamond. They can use techniques and tools and be able to know if the diamond is antique or not. Getting your diamond certified by a legit institution can also be a good way of knowing the value and knowing the age of your diamonds. They have devices and equipment to tell whether your diamond is indeed an antique.  

The history of diamond jewelry in Texas can help you understand more about where the diamonds came from. Knowing the origin of the diamond tour buying can be advantageous on your part, so you will be able to know how to take care of the diamond jewelry you will be buying. Diamonds have properties that you have to determine before buying one. Getting familiar with them can be a good guide for you to finding a good diamond for your jewelry. Diamonds are pricey and discovering their characteristics and even their origin can be ideal.