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Mr Nobody (2010) – Movie Review

Mr Nobody (2010) – Movie Review

There has been a lot of attempts to put modern science on film. In the case the movie, simply named Mr. Nobody, we can see masterful presentations of some scientific problems, which our science today is not able to explain, wrapped with a thrilling story of a not so average man. From multiverses, time travel and the end of the world, everything in this movie is explained in a language which everyone can understand.

Mr. Nobody is a 138 minutes long science fiction drama and puts the viewer into a hard position of keeping up with the story, which is very complicated.

It tells the story of Nemo Nobody, a 118 year old man in the year 2092. He is the last person on Earth to die of age because everyone else is practically immortal with the help of biological enchantments. They are making a reality show of the last mortal person.

One day a curious reporter sneaks into his room with an “old” kasette recorder and begins to interview him about his life. This is the intro to an epic tale of his life, during which he explains the circumstances how he was born and why he is able to live such a long life.

To review the story on one page is impossible, because Nemo does not only tell his life story, but rather as he puts it, all possible ways how he could have lived his life. The only spoiler I have to put in this review is important for understanding why this movie is a masterpiece: Nemo as a child has to decide if he should live with his mother or father and afterwards the story transforms into 12 different ways of life he could have lived.

It is hard to describe the quality of the movie with merely words, because the actor, Jared Leto (also lead singer of the band 30 Second To Mars) proved to be a master of his craft. The movie is filmed masterfully and the transitions between the different stories aare well concealed, but easily visible if you watch the movie the second time.

The supporting actors are important for the story, because they help the viewer to know which life story is being told. His three love interest are the personification of different kinds of modern day relationships: pure love, painful love and love out of financial interest.

If you watch the movie carefully, you will see the architecture of the building changing and becoming more modern. At the end we get the authors vision of a city in the far future. It is interesting to watch the future storyline because it present a futuristic view of our society, which I have not seen in any other sci-fi movie.

The master behind the camera Jaco Van Dormael stated: “I wanted to create a movie emotional with a bit of humor like Forrest Gump and to have a vast sci-fi background like Star Wars. I think I succeeded.”