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Was Cowboy Bebop a manga earlier than it became an anime?

Was Cowboy Bebop a manga before it was an anime? - GameRevolution

The modern-day Cowboy Bebop collection on Netflix has taken many fanatics by surprise. Some applaud the brand-new path, whilst many others massively choose the fashion of the conventional anime TV collection. However, for some, a query nonetheless stays as to the origins of those characters. The Netflix collection is the simplest the modern-day version, genuinely primarily based totally on the anime, however, became Cowboy Bebop a manga earlier than that?

How long was Cowboy Bebop a manga before it became an anime?

Cowboy Bebop commenced now no longer as a manga, however as an anime collection advanced for television. The authentic lively collection became created through Sunrise, and the primary episode aired in Japan in April of 1998. However, it became additionally tailored right into a manga which became serialized in October 1997, months earlier than the primary episode aired.


Ultimately, all variations of Cowboy Bebop are primarily based totally across the authentic lively collection. At the time, the manufacturing group became credited as Hajime Yatter. Now, we recognize the collection had a path through Shinichirō Watanabe, screenwriting through Keiko Nobu moto, and man or woman designs through Toshihiro Kawamoto. What they created continues to be famous to this day, as Cowboy Bebop sunglasses stays one of the maximum acclaimed lively collections ever produced. Small marvel because Netflix became inquisitive about a remake.


However, matters get complicated regarding the manga, particularly Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star, illustrated through Cain Kuga. The anime collection became already in manufacturing, with plans to visit the air, as soon as the manga edition became first serialized in Asuka Fantasy DX in 1997. Technically speaking, many readers were given their first advent to Spike Spiegel and the Bebop group months earlier than the anime ever aired. It became an atypical choice, for the reason that manga modified some matters, like making Ed, male. It wasn’t till April the subsequent 12 months that fanatics have been cabin a position to observe the display the manga became primarily based on.


This equal hassle isn’t held through the truly titled Cowboy Bebop manga, which debuted in April 1999. That collection became illustrated through Yutaka Nanten and follows the anime an awful lot extra intently than Shooting Star. Click here


All in all, it’s simplest barely confusing. The Cowboy Bebop anime became created first, however, the manga edition became the primary to print. Everything that’s followed, inclusive of the divisive Netflix collection, is primarily based totally across the authentic anime.