July 25, 2024


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Wooden Toy Boxes And Other Heirloom Gifts For Children

Wooden Toy Boxes And Other Heirloom Gifts For Children

This holiday season, consider giving an heirloom quality gift to the special child or children in your life instead of the usual electronic game or toy. While games and gadgets may be fun for a while, they quickly lose their appeal as kids move on to the next great toy or game. Give them a gift that combines the practical with the beautiful, such as a wooden toy box that’s personalized just for them.

Heirloom gifts used to be a tradition in most families, with grandparents often giving a gift of lasting value to their grandchildren that would be kept in the family and handed down. It’s a wonderful tradition that’s gaining popularity again. If you’d like to give a gift that stands the test of time, consider these ideas:

Wooden Toy Chests Are Versatile And Stylish

Handcrafted or laser engraved wooden toy boxes will be appreciated by both boys and girls. Look for top quality construction and thoughtful details like safety hinges. Furniture quality toy boxes will use hardwoods such as oak or cherry to last for years and can withstand the wear and tear of toys being dragged in and out. Personalized touches might include the child’s name engraved in a decorative font, the alphabet using whimsical letters, or a special message from you.

Wooden toy boxes or toy chests are versatile gifts because they can be used as storage or blanket chests when a child is older. They can take it with them to their first home and use it as a traditional “Hope Chest” to store linens, cherished mementos or comforters. A handcrafted toy chest may eventually be used by the next generation, who will love using their parents’ or grandparents’ chest as their own.

Fine Jewelry Will Be Handed Down To The Next Generation

Engraved jewelry is another lovely heirloom gift tradition. Little girls may receive a small, gold cross for their first communion, as fine jewelry is always in style for children. An engraved locket with a picture of the gift giver will be cherished by the little girl in your life. Birthstone earrings or a birthstone ring are also wonderful gifts that will be handed down after years of being proudly worn for special occasions. For a young boy, you might want to buy an ID bracelet with his name on one side and a short message on the reverse.

Furniture quality toys often become heirlooms. A hand-carved rocking horse that’s beautifully painted will be a hit with any toddler. Years later, that same rocking horse will be used by children and grandchildren. Look for rocking horses with manes and tails of premium wool or cotton yarn and a smoothly sanded finished wood for comfort and beauty.

Make Or Buy Heirloom Quality Gifts

If you’d like to give a gift that’s beautiful and warm, a handcrafted quilt is a wonderful choice, particularly if the child is redecorating their room. If you’re good at quilting yourself, you can create a one of a kind work of art. If not, choose the fabrics and design the quilt on paper, then hire a professional to make it. You can even embroider or stitch a special message onto the quilt. Years from now, the grown child will read your words and smile.

Not all of us are carpenters or quilt-makers. If you want truly heirloom quality gifts, you’ll need to find craftsmen who can create a quilt, rocking horse, or wooden toy box for you that’s beautifully constructed and finished. There are many artisans on the Internet who can create the perfect gift for you and personalize it this holiday season.

There are many gifts for children that can become heirlooms. The key is to choose a gift that is versatile, well made, and will stand the test of time. From wooden toy boxes to quilts, the perfect gift is the one your child will fall in love with and keep for years to come.