September 25, 2022


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You Probably Didn’t Know This About The Internet

The internet has been a part of our lives for almost 40 years. Looking at how big it has become today, would surely baffle the people who built it. Who knows where it would reach in another 40 years?

Today, we’re dedicating our time to knowing some interesting facts about the internet. So buckle up, put your reading glasses on, and away we go!

The More You Know, the Better!

First Item Sold Online

Many assumed that the first-ever online transaction took place between students of MIT and Stanford in 1971, for a bag of marijuana. The actual online transaction happened much later in 1994, by Dan Kohn. Dan sold a CD of Sting’s Ten Summoner’s Tales to his friend. The friend purchased it for $12.48 using his credit card, which was protected by encryption technology– a first for everyone at the time!

First-ever Modem

We all know that it was Graham Bell who invented the telephone. His company, Bell Labs also invented the first-ever modem that capitalized on phone lines to transmit data back and forth.

The First-Ever Domain

Over 100,000 domains are registered almost every day. But the first-ever domain registered was in 1985. The website still exists. You can click here if you’re curious to know more about it.

ARPANET Started It All

The Advanced Research Projects Agency – ARPA came up with the first local computer network. It was ARPANET that set the basis of what became the internet later on.

The ‘Fi’ in Wi-Fi!

Many assumed that the suffix ‘Fi’ in Wi-Fi means fidelity. It actually means nothing. The creator of Wi-Fi wanted to go with something that would rhyme and sound cool – something like ‘Hi-Fi’.

First BTS and Now This!

South Korea may be popular for its pop culture. But that’s not all. At 28.6 Mbps, South Korea has the fastest internet connection in the world. This speed is four times faster than the average internet speed around the world, i.e. 7 Mbps. Looks like South Korea is unstoppable!

Google Grabs the Spotlight

The most popular website in the world is Google. It bags a whopping 5 billion searches almost every single day! Can you imagine that?

Traffic Comes From Where?

Even though there are almost 5 billion active internet users across the world. Only one-third of the traffic comes from legit human searches. The rest of the searches come from various bots and malware across the world. Wonder what they’re trying to look for?

The Country with the Most Internet Providers

The U.S. is ranked 1st in the world with the highest number of Internet Services Providers. Currently, there are 7000 ISPs. Within the top 5 providers is Charter Spectrum as the 2nd largest cable broadband provider.

To check availability in your area dial Spectrum phone number (for Spanish customers: Telefono de Spectrum. Spanish customers can find immediate help with Spectrum Service al cliente es espanol).

The First Social Network

Some assume that MySpace was the first-ever social network, while some vote for Facebook. Well, it was neither. The first-ever social network was SixDegrees. It was launched in 1997 and had around 3.5 million fully-registered users. The site bore a slight resemblance to Facebook, but it was taken down in 2000.

Wi-Fi’s Elder Brother

Soon, we’ll be able to access high-speed internet with the futuristic ‘Li-Fi’ technology. Similar to Wi-Fi, which works using radio frequencies, Li-Fi uses light frequencies. This technology is new in the market and is expected to be released to the general public in 2022. Internet users are eager to use Li-Fi, for it’s capable of transmitting data 100 times faster than Wi-Fi.

NASA is Lucky!

Let’s face it. Nothing throws one off the track more than a sluggish internet. NASA, on the other hand, is living its best life. The internet used at NASA facilities is 91 GBPS! That’s like, 13,000 times faster than the internet speed in most American households.

Trillion Years’ Worth of Data!

How much data do you think resides on the internet? Well, if you were to download the entire data on the internet, then it would take you approximately 11 trillion years. That makes for a whopping lot of data!

All in All

Well, that’s all for today. We know, we know, you’re yearning to know more about the internet. Who knows? Some other day, we might take you on one more ride with a whole new lot of facts about our beloved – The Internet.



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