July 19, 2024


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Your Christmas Shopping Guide: Baby Edition

A baby’s first Christmas is a momentous occasion, and what better way to celebrate and commemorate the moment than with the perfect Christmas gift that the baby can treasure forever? Of course, if you want to change things slightly, you could always give the baby a Christmas Eve box filled with different goodies to benefit the parents and items for the baby to enjoy. However, if you want to stick with one or two traditional gifts for the baby and you’re not sure where to look, Etsy will have some options for you to choose from. You may not want to brave the shopping malls at this time with everyone doing their last-minute Christmas shopping, so shopping online with stores like Etsy is a great alternative. You can choose from many different baby gifts this Christmas, including books, toys, clothes and more!

Keep it Simple With a Security Blanket.

If the baby is still a newborn or fairly young, a security blanket is a great option to give them this Christmas season. You can choose from a wide variety, some security blankets are plain and simple, and some are also in the shape of an animal which can be a very attractive option. Security blankets make great Christmas gifts because they become an important part of the baby’s life, and they can keep it forever so that they can reminisce and cherish their childhood memories when they’re older. 

A Practical Playmat?

Another great option for a gift this Christmas would be a playmat with features built into it. This way, the playmat is also practical and can stimulate the baby’s senses and help them to develop. These playmats tend to have different elements for the baby’s senses, such as touch, sight and sound. 

A Type of Toy

If you want to stick to what you know works, you can buy a toy for the baby this Christmas. Whether it’s a doll, a wind-up toy, one that makes a noise, a car, a soft animal, a train set or even a farm set, there are plenty of toy options to buy for a baby. You could even start a Christmas tradition by gifting the baby a different toy every year. 

What About a Book?

A great way to commemorate a baby’s first Christmas is to buy them a book, Christmas-related or not. A book is an awesome gift because when they get older, it will help to stimulate their mind and develop their senses. It can also be incredibly sentimental, and the baby will always be reminded of their first Christmas when they think of the book. 

You Can’t Go Wrong With Christmas Clothes 

If you still aren’t sure what to buy a baby for Christmas this year, you cannot go wrong with Christmas-themed baby clothes! A babygro covered in snowflakes, dungarees with elves, a dress that says “Naughty or Nice?”, or slippers shaped like reindeer – the options are endless! Not only are Christmas clothes practical because the baby can use them, but they are also cute and guarantee everyone remembers the baby’s first Christmas!