April 23, 2024


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5 Things to Know Before Working with Millenium Trust Company

This is a company that provides financial services. Since the financial industry, especially in the US is huge, you can consider these guys as true professionals in the business. They offer rollover solutions, alternative asset custody, advising options for both ordinary people and legal entities, and private fund custody.

With their giant workload and duties all across the US and the world, they have tons of work and hundreds of employees. If you’re thinking about doing business with them, then you’re surely asking yourself is it worth it, or should you be looking for someone else.

It’s a great question, and through these five points below, we will try to explain what their line of work is, what they are known for, and what some of the facts about them are. Then, you can decide for yourself and see if they fit your needs. Go on and find out everything about them.

1. You can invest gold in your IRA through them

Did you know that traditional IRAs can only have a yearly deposit of $7,000? They also only accept cash, which is not the case if you choose this company. They will accept gold submissions and will take care of your account making sure it is flawless and keeps you safe at old age.

Investing in jewelry, bullion, or other precious metal forms, especially gold, will open a lot of doors for you. You can have a gold IRA which is much better than a traditional one as the benefits you’re getting with it are way better than anything else out there.

2. They have an excellent reputation

Lots of online review pages wrote about them claiming their success story. According to a lot of them, this company is worth working with. Even IRA specialized pages write about them, and you can check on the internet about them. If you want the full story from one of them, click on the link.

Additionally, it’s worth knowing that they have an A+ rating on the popular and reputable site BBB. On Trustpilot, they enjoy a score of 4.2 out of five stars, which is excellent for a company like this. If you look at the competition, you’ll notice that they are above most of them assuring you that you’re in good hands.

3. Everyone can work with them, from individuals to institutions

As we mentioned at the beginning, everyone can work with this company, and it’s not closed for only legal entities, for example. Individuals can also walk into their offices and ask for some of the many services they offer.

One of the things they offer is advisor support for advisors. No one can work alone and be 100% perfect all the time. We all need backup from time to time, and this company is one of the best in the business providing care for advisors. See more about advisors here.

4. They work with tremendously high amounts of money

It’s an amazing fact to know that they work with around $11 billion constantly and control and administer over 305,000 accounts. These numbers are staggering, which explains the volume in their hands and the responsibility they hold for these people.

5. They are known as very flexible

They are known for their policy to let customers change their savings methods whenever they want. They work with all types of retirement options – the old 401k, the Ruth IRA option, and of course, the traditional IRA too.

Everyone can choose whatever they feel is best for them and ask the company employees to make the changes. Of course, they’ll probably be advised before that about the benefits and the downsides, but it’s up to the clients to decide in the end.


These are some of the most essential things you need to know about the Millenium Trust Company. If you’re planning to work with them, you now know what you can expect. See more details on this link: https://www.bloomberg.com/profile/company/0677246D:US

Their reputation is excellent considering the industry they are in, and the fact that they work with such a huge fund and so many accounts give us the confidence to say that they are an excellent choice.