September 25, 2022


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8 Decoration Ideas for Townhouse Living Rooms

8 Decoration Ideas for Townhouse Living Rooms

8 Decoration Ideas for Townhouse Living Rooms

When you think of living rooms, you probably think of a lot of space to entertain guests, hold game nights, and sweep through your movie and series bucket list. But don’t lose heart if you have limited space in your living room. If you live in a townhouse, here are decoration ideas to make the most of your living room.

Scale Down Your Furniture

You might think getting smaller furniture pieces for your living room is a fool-proof way to maximize space and make it look bigger. Getting small furniture may highlight how cozy your living room is instead of visually expanding it. Instead, scale your furniture down to what will fit your living room’s interior and layout. Opt for an L-shaped couch as it offers more seating in a limited space. Some L-shaped sofas also provide hidden storage, making it easier for you to organize trinkets while keeping your living room clutter-free.

Keep Furniture Off the Walls

At first glance, pushing your furniture to meet your walls might seem like you are expanding your living room space. Doing so may create more elbow room in the middle, but that extra space becomes unused and practically useless. Move your seating close to your center table to make your living room more intimate. If your living room layout is similar to this townhouse in Deca Clark, put your sofa close to your door and mount your television to the wall. This creates room for visitors, provides the illusion of a more expansive lounge area, and utilizes vertical storage.

Hang a Mirror

Adding a mirror or two will instantly create the semblance of a bigger room. Place a mirror on your mantle to mimic the drawing rooms back in the Victorian era. Mirrors help distribute natural light all over your living room. Get metal-plated framed mirrors to double the bouncing of light in your home.

Use Stripes

Bare walls might create the look of a more spacious living area, but they don’t exactly foster the look of a higher ceiling. Use stripes to elongate your floor-to-ceiling height visually. They are also a great way to effortlessly decorate your wall and draw people’s eyes to your wall, floors, ceilings.

Visually Extend Your Ceiling

Speaking of elongating space, visually extend your ceiling by building your shelf close to the top. Doing so will bring your and visitor’s eyes upwards, giving you the feeling of a broader and taller room. Fill your shelves with books, travel memorabilia, or trinkets of your fandoms to make your living room more attractive.

Hang Overhead Lighting

Add more brightness to your living room by installing an overhead pendant light. If you want something more elegant, hang a faux chandelier to mimic the scattering effect of real chandeliers in European households. Introducing more light into your living room is a sure way to create openness, warmth, and freedom.

Make It Multi-purpose

Supposed your living is relatively small. “Expand” it by using your living room as your home office, art studio, and gaming room. Use your coffee table as your work desk during the weekdays and convert it into a snack and gaming station when you have guests over. Since most living rooms are designed with large open windows, use that space as your painting studio to take advantage of the natural light suitable for creating and photographing your art.

Use Multifunction Pieces

Go for a minimalist living room by getting furniture pieces with hidden storage. Hide indoor slippers, magazines, books, board games, and other trinkets while keeping your living room simple, tidy, clutter-free, and visually larger.

From being the great hall to becoming the drawing-room and parlor, the living room is perhaps the most versatile in the house. Its flexibility allows you to remodel it for various purposes and to maximize space. Start with these eight living room decoration ideas to make your lounge area a den of comfort and intimacy.

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