June 16, 2024


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Chandelier Types and Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right One

Chandeliers are sophisticated and associated with abundance, but there are many affordable ones in the market, today. You can get chandeliers in different kinds of sizes, styles, and cost. Anyone will find a chandelier that suits their style and price. You just need to look around. 

If you desire to add style then a chandelier can help. On Sofary, you will come across different types of chandeliers and crystals. 

Common chandelier types 

  • Shaded chandeliers add visual appeal and produce a soft light.
  • Tiered chandeliers add a grand look in a high ceiling room.
  • Candelabra chandeliers offer a historic look.
  • Crystal chandeliers sparkle and make the room look majestic.
  • Drum chandeliers have shades designed from different materials including exclusive designs.
  • Mini chandeliers are great for small spaces and look elegant just like the large ones.

Factors to consider while looking for chandeliers


Chandeliers are beautiful, so the style factor is a priority for a majority of buyers. The stylish chandelier needs to suit the home décor also needs serious consideration because if the fixtures in other rooms are simple then an elaborate crystal round chandelier will look odd. 

Remember, the chandelier does not need to have twinkling sparklers to make it look classy and elegant. You can opt for low-key looks like the antler chandeliers to highlight a rustic space. There are many style options, just look around!


Never assume that all the types of chandeliers are beyond your budget. Fancy and large ones can cost thousands but many beautiful chandeliers can suit your price range. You will also need to consider shipping and the installation cost with the kind of light fixture you choose. 

Chandelier size

Measure the dimension of the room and the ceiling height. Choose a chandelier that offers 3” height for each foot. Consider the length and width for determining the diameter of the chandelier. Add the length and width to get the diameter in inches. If you plan to hand it over to the dining table then the diameter of the chandelier needs to be smaller than the table width. 

The height of the people living under the roof will determine how high to dangle the chandelier. No one desire to get their head bumped, so check for floor clearance. It is generally 7 feet above the floor. If it is hung too high then cleaning and changing bulbs will be hard.

If you are hanging it over the dining table then the clearance area from the tabletop and chandelier bottom needs to be around 34 inches. It allows the ones sitting around the table to see one another and communicate comfortably as well as get up or sit down without banging their head.

Room & placement

Chandeliers work well in every room but you need to determine the right size and style. For example, a full-size chandelier will look odd in the bathroom but a mini chandelier will be a great option. On the other hand, if you installed a mini chandelier on a large dining table or several mini chandeliers in a small space then it does not make any sense. 

Therefore consider –

  • Room style
  • Light amount needed
  • Room size

With all these factors you will surely choose the right chandelier size and style that suits your needs!