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Fashion just doctor ordered

Cocktail Hour With Fashion Designer

Cocktail Hour With Fashion Designer

Chic is a new ‘must have’ for summer 2008. The love is in the air and filled with romantic nostalgia when it comes to woman’s wardrobe.

The focal point of the new season’s fashion is the silhouette, freely molded and shaped with layers of fabric, asymmetrical cuts, pleats, gathers in crossover mood between yesterday and today.

A flurry of colors, embroidery and lace invade the wardrobe of woman. Begin with wearing delightful lingerie petticoats trimmed with leather belts on the hips and tinny dresses with masses of pointy frills. With a touch of romance, knitted mini dresses that flaunt sprays of roses and with gym-chic pullovers and tracksuit pants in deluxe versions. Short lengths prevail with mini hems and lots of shorts styles that vanish for evenings that are enhanced with long caftans covered with sparkly sequins.

Dresses are the stars of Spring-Summer of 2008. Look for smooth, slippery fabrics with transparent and translucent textures glide along to highlight the revival of the tracksuit. Prints as always are dictating their rules. Fabrics that are rich filled with vertical and horisontal stripes that play with a desire for graphic lines takes the lead. Geometric macro patterns and huge flowers will be popular this season bringing a couture femininity to woman’s evivening look.

This season’s highlights:

BIG PRINTS. Look for colors and contrast. Red, Yellow, Green, Black, White, and Pink will do. Prints that are blown out of proportion, yet elegant and chic. Feel free to layer it with a strong cotton jacket or a pair of leggings.

RUFFLES and RUCHES will bring a playful and innocent look to any women. Long or short dresses, with Empire waistline and embellished with pinups, big flowers. Use them for any social occasion you might have: cocktail party, or dream prom party. Frivolous crochet, romantic prints, stylistic plants and charming embroidery is on the list for this summer as well. The SIGNATURE DRESS of this season is the ONESHOULDER dress. The asymmetrical cut accentuates femininity and brings a touch of seduction.

Accessories are stated as ‘must haves’ to every look. Go crazy with bags: extra large versions to look chic and confident, and extra small for more sophisticated feel. Don’t forget about pearls, necklaces, cuffs, scarves and belts. And of course every women favorite ‘The Shoes’. High heels is ‘a must have’ for this summer. These shoes are doing all the work for you already. They perform their job of lengthening and showing off the legs, then the rest is just the game. Wedges are scooped out and lighter, displaying sculptured empty space. Sandals, also for daytime, sparkling with sequins or contrasting colour splits with fluorescents twinkling with reflecting effects. Ankle straps that wrap like spirals will be in high demand. Platform heels lengthened out of proportion and peep toe styles with half moon cut outs. Don’t forget about stilettos, curvilinear, shaped and slanted. As for evening look indulge yourself with a pair of gorgeous shoes decorated with jewels and embroidery and covered with pearls and crystals.

Enjoy the romantic mood of this season’s fashion. We wish you to breath and live with fashion. And you are interested to always be one step ahead of incoming style and trends and need help then ask our Fashion Designer. She will help you to understand how to find your personal Style Look and make it work. The latest women’s clothing and accessories collections filled with distinguished romanticism and seduction for the upcoming season. One of the strongest designers today in the fashion world offers to you a unique opportunity to create and complement your wardrobe with timeless pieces of clothing and accessories that eventually will become a collectible classics essentials of your closet.

Our best regards and luck to you in the world of High Fashion.

Fashion Designer, Natasha Leratti