March 4, 2024


Fashion just doctor ordered


Is it legal to wear a Confederate Flag shirt for jury duty in South  Carolina? Apparently, yes. | Rock Hill Herald

The material used for Confederate flag shirts and hoodie is knitting, and felt, breathable, elastic, etc. Knitting method and varies depending on the ounce (numerical unit that expresses the thickness of the fabric of the T-shirt). The sense of size is important, but since it is worn directly on the skin, a “good touch” is inevitable. I also want to choose the best fabric that will not stick to my body even when I sweat.

Common fabrics used in Confederate flag shirt are cotton, polyester and composite materials.Sweat shirt is a very comfortable and comfortable clothing, indispensable in cold weather. Such a practical thing takes root perfectly in the wardrobe of men and women and has not gone out of fashion for decades. Tailoring of sweatshirts is carried out by ordinary ateliers and famous fashion houses. Models are constantly being improved, high-quality fabrics and bold decorative elements are used – prints, embroidery, fur trim, thermal printing, silk-screen printing and other related embellishments. Models with hood and kangaroo pockets are very popular today.

In addition to visual appeal, sweatshirts do not restrict movement and serve as sports, walks, work in public places, home clothes and are often a matter of corporate style.


The most common fabric used in Confederate flag shirtsis cotton. It has the advantages of being easy to maintain with a unique softness and refreshing feel to natural materials. It has excellent durability, water absorption and heat retention, so it can be used year-round by people with sensitive skin. Because it is well absorbed, it does not dry easily and when you sweat, it causes sweat stains and sticks to your body.


Polyester has excellent breathability and moisture absorption and quick-drying properties, so it is comfortable to wear even when sweating. Therefore, it is a material often used in sportswear and uniforms. It is easy to maintain and does not require ironing because it does not wrinkle easily and does not lose its shape. Compared to cotton, it is less tactile and has disadvantages such as the ability of chemical fibers to form special tablets easily and the tendency to accumulate static electricity.

Composite material:

Mixed material is a material made by mixing different types of materials to cover each other’s negatives. For example, take a cotton polyester material. The weakness of cotton is the weakness of water absorption, which makes it difficult to dry and the properties of polyester are such that the material feels good on the skin and has excellent breathable and quick-drying properties. Depending on the ratio, the properties will vary depending on whether it is like cotton or polyester. This should be a point when choosing according to the application.

Smooth knitting:

The front and back of the fabric are missing, and it has a soft feel. It is a knitted fabric that does not easily lose its shape due to its moderate thickness and excellent elasticity. This is a knitting method that applies milling knitting, and is also known as double rib. Because the space between the eyes is closed, the shape is not easy and the lateral length is short.

Waffle knitting:

As the name suggests, it is known for its waffle-like asymmetrical texture. The official name is Thermal Knitting. Click here .It features a knitted fabric with a feature grid-like asymmetrical pattern on the front surface, and a thick knitting pattern. It is a knitted fabric that is very elastic, high humidity and comfortable to the touch.