May 24, 2024


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Silver Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Pearls are produced when the mantle, which secretes shell components, invades the body along with foreign substances (such as pebbles and parasites). Calcium crystals and organic matter are alternately laminated to form a nacre, which creates a unique color and luster.

Pearl jewelry that is active in every scene:

At weddings, it is illegal for guests to wear white, which is said to be the color of the bride, with the exception of pearls. Pearls with an elegant brilliance are considered to be suitable materials for wedding jewelry.Another characteristic of pearls is that they can be worn not only during ceremonies but also during condolences. It is also a convenient accessory that can be worn for almighty at ceremonial occasions, so it is very useful to have one of your favorites.

However, if the pearl is stored with sweat attached, the original luster of the pearl may be lost. Don’t forget to wipe off any dirt with a soft cloth after use to keep your precious pearl jewelery in good condition for longer.

For Swarovski crystal beads:

Uses natural shellfish such as Akoya pearl oysters and black pearl oysters.Powder the shiny part inside the natural shellfish and The coating is applied repeatedly 4 times.

Although it is a population, it is equivalent to this pearl.

It reproduces the brilliant luster, luster, color, volume and thickness.This pearl is very careful to manage and care for,Crystal pearls can be used casually for 4 seasons.

Jewelery with pearls:

Jewelery using pearls that is suitable not only for the gorgeous outfits of ceremonies, but also for the outfits of condolences, mainly black. Since pearls have different luster strength depending on the quality, the more versatile and simple the design, the more the quality of the pearl is questioned.This is a necklace made of unique baroque pearls, and is a long type that can be layered. Platinum is used for the chain that connects the pearls. The only baroque pearl in the world that has the same color and shape creates a very elegant atmosphere that is suitable for adult women.A ring with a large 10mm pearl set on a yellow gold ribbon with a melee diamond. The transparent melee diamond with high transparency and yellow gold with good coloring complement the pearl and give a gorgeous impression.

This price difference is due to the difference between “domestic genuine products” and “parallel import products”. By the way, parallel import is one of the well-established distribution channels permitted by Japanese law, and parallel import stores like ours buy products from overseas regular retailers and intermediate wholesalers without going through the manufacturer in Japan. Refers to imported products distributed to.For example, when traveling abroad, many people will see branded products at duty-free shops. Is it easy to understand that parallel imports are products that are originally sold in Japan by specially purchasing products that are lined up in such overseas regular stores?Parallel imports have the advantage that they can be sold at any price regardless of the list price set by the manufacturer for Japan. Therefore, with some exceptions, they are often sold at significantly lower prices than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

The crystal pearls we handle are”Crystal pearl made by Swarovski in the world”.Swarovski crystals have fans all over the world.I am fascinated by its brilliance and the world’s highest level of sophistication.Because it uses the finest proof, Semifreddo crystal,It has a high degree of transparency and refractive index, and its luster and brilliance are exceptional.

Features of pearl:

Pearl is a kind of gemstone that can be obtained from shellfish, and it is also called “biomineral” (biomineral) because it is a mineral produced by living organisms.

There are some naturally occurring pearls in the natural world, but the number is extremely small, and most of the pearls on the market today are farmed. It used to be a very expensive and rare gem because it required opening a huge number of shells to find just one pearl.Pearl has been used mainly for ornaments, but in the past it has been crushed and used as a raw material for cosmetics and medicines, or as a raw material for pigments. Pearls, which are used as gems, have an iridescent effect just like when the inside of a shell is exposed to light.