June 16, 2024


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Giving Lodge Regalia As Masonic Gifts

Knowing the exclusivity of Freemasonry, it is not surprising that every member appreciates all other brothers around them. It is, after all, a group of like-minded people, a team of individuals who characteristics stood out from everybody else. This is why they are all together. And this is why they have been regarded an honour that no ordinary man can achieve – being called a Freemason.

Because of this great regard for his brothers, it is not surprising for Masons to give their brothers Masonic gifts. Whether it’s because of a special occasion or to show gratitude for any favour given, these gifts may vary, from different personal effects to various lodge regalia.

Why Lodge Regalia Make Excellent Masonic Gifts

Different Masonic regalia bear the most important symbols of Freemasonry, which means that each piece carries the legacy of the brotherhood with it. This is what makes it important. This is what makes it a truly special gift.

Especially if given from one Masonic brother to another, it marks the level of understanding that only two Masons can have. Freemasonry stands with centuries of history and beliefs under its pillars, so it is not surprising that Masonic brothers regard each other with such respect.

Different Masonic Gift Options

When giving gifts to a Masonic brother, the choices are limitless. There are so many options to choose from, depending on one’s budget and preference.

Masonic rings prove to be a popular choice, especially if you are passing this gift on to a loved one, like a son who you would like to see succeeding as a Mason just like you. For peers, key chains, cufflinks, handkerchiefs, ties, gloves, wallets and bookmarks seem to be the common choices.

Some also give regalia cases to their brothers who have done them a great favour. Evidently, this will be very useful knowing that every Mason has a number of regalia that they need to take care of. Through this kind of gift, one can help the other preserve not only their regalia, but the value that comes with each piece.

There are also different ladies’ masonic items that any brother can give to their wives, sisters, mothers or daughter. Pendants, gloves, earrings, scarves, key chains – the list is endless. This is a great way to show appreciation to the women who have shaped the Mason that you are now, and the Mason that you have yet to become.

Truly, the spirit of generosity is strong in Masonic circles, not just when it comes to charitable causes, but when it comes to the spirit of brotherhood as well. Through these gifts, Masons are able to form even stronger bonds and are able to affirm each other as important members of their lodges or orders.