June 14, 2024


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How to find a perfect gift for colleagues

Every month, we find ourselves struggling because there’s always an event calling for gifts. Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, farewells, weddings, and the list is endless. If you are anything like us, then you like giving gifts that are meaningful and thoughtful. Isn’t it?

But, the dubious question is how to find the perfect gifts? How to ace the art of gift-giving? Well, it’s not that difficult and complicated. Just a few tips to bear in mind before choosing a gift for someone.

As it’s the time of birthdays, anniversaries, festivals; we know you are preparing your gift-shopping list because the time to spread and share happiness has come. And, if colleagues are there on your list, which we think they are, then your job is made easy. Here is the guide on how to find a perfect gift for colleagues for all of their celebratory occasions

  1. Know The Person: The most fundamental thing about gift-giving is that the recipient should feel that they are cared for, loved, and are known by you. Your gift should express these feelings to the recipient, say your colleagues. Therefore, the personality assessment, the likings-dislikings of the recipient should be well considered before purchasing the gift for him or her. What is your colleague like? Introvert or Extrovert? Foodie or Gym enthusiast? Fashionista or a Simple girl? Keep these points in mind. Then, if you are friends with the colleague, you will be knowing them a bit deeper, so you can select a gift according to their tastes and preferences.

  1. Why is the Gift Given: There are many occasions and events when you give gifts to your colleagues. It could be birthday, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, farewell, anniversary, achievement, or any other reason. The reason or occasion along with the person whom you are giving a gift should be considered. It is for the very simple reason, the Diwali gift may not be appropriate as a birthday gift: Hey! Happy Birthday, here is for you some scented candles and diyas! The context and the occasion you are giving gifts is important if you want to give something thoughtful to your colleague. If you are unsure what would be best for your colleague for a particular occasion, then search the web with keywords like, online birthday gifts for colleague, corporate gifts, unique gifts for colleagues online, etc.

  1. Take Money Factor Into Account: Neither be a cheapskate nor a spendthrift.  Always, compare the worth, utility of a gift with its monetary value. If you are giving something really expensive to your foodie colleague, say a DSLR camera just because it comes with a certain price tag will be of not good. Instead, your foodie colleague will much appreciate the less expensive chocolate or gourmet hamper. In a rundown, do not buy a gift just because it’s expensive or vice-versa. Give something that is of use to the colleague. Our advice would be to set a budget and then figure out your choices.

  1. Your Relationship: Some colleagues are more than just co-workers; they are friends, lovers, mentors, etc. So, also take into consideration your relationship with your colleague. If you share a personal relationship or there is a relationship budding between you and your colleague, then you have the liberty to go personal with gifts. If not, then stick to something professional and thoughtful.

  1. Does The Gift Deepen The Bond: This one is an extension of the first point. A good gift makes the recipient feel known and loved. Taking it a bit further, gift-giving should also foster a connection between you and the recipient, the colleague. Thereby, choose gifts that would create a connection or deepen the existing relationship. The best gifts that are known to foster feelings of connection are handmade and personalised gifts. You know, personalised gifts are those that are designed with the recipient’s image and picture. Handmade gifts are the ones that you create, especially for the person. Even if you cannot make something for a person, you can buy handmade gifts like greeting cards, explosion boxes, photo albums from online and offline gift stores.

Keep these tips in mind before purchasing a  gift for your colleague, and we are confident you will give him or her something worth every penny and cherishable.