June 16, 2024


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A necklace is an adornment worn around the neck, known since ancient times. It can be in the form of beads of pearls and precious stones, chains with precious stones. Necklaces have always been considered ceremonial adornments; they have existed  since the 11th century. and were at first the privilege of the nobility, but by the 13th century. spread widely. In ancient male and female clothes of the 15-17th centuries. the necklace was called the trim on the collar and the collar itself, adorned with pearls, gold, precious stones. A necklace that was only fastened to clothes was called a fastener. By the appearance of the collar, the necklaces were turn-down and stand-up. A high standing necklace-collar, covering the entire back of the head, was called a trump card. Lavishly decorated, they were the subject of panache. Hence the expression to trump.

Another type of necklace was the riviera – a necklace in which homogeneous stones are connected together and fixed so that the connection points of the frame elements are almost invisible. A brilliant waterfall of diamonds or sapphires seems to be a real sparkling stream. The French word riviere – river, very accurately conveys the image that the jeweler was striving for. A luxury item in the 17th and 18th centuries. Jewelry available to representatives of high society. Today, necklaces are rarely made. 

These are mainly expensive evening decorations.A Mustard Seed keychain necklace is an adornment in the form of a hoop or chain with inserts of precious stones. The inserts are the same or close in size. Types of necklaces: with a flexible hoop; with a rigid hoop; solid; link; with diamond inserts; pearl; with inserts of precious stones; fantasy; with a variety of decorative finishes.


A standard material for all accessories. It is also popular among men and is favored by younger age groups.Since it is a soft metal, it is easy to process on the side of making.Also, for the buyer, it is attractive that the price is reasonable and easy to handle.The white luster is beautiful, but the drawback is that it easily discolors.It can be used for both private and business situations.


It emits a hard and cool light. Recommended for those who want to use their favorite necklace for a long time without being too fashionable.This is because platinum itself is soft and easily scratched, but unlike silver, it does not oxidize black and does not decrease like gold.It is accepted by men and women of all ages.


Like platinum, it’s durable. It has the property of not easily deteriorating over time.It is also very light compared to gold and platinum. It is also the preferred material for people with metal allergies.


Stainless is an iron-based alloy that shines very much like platinum.The big advantage is that it is resistant to sweat and dirt and does not easily discolor.However, it is hard and difficult to process, and there are not many designs.

The characteristics differ depending on the material, and the suitable scene also changes.

If you are considering purchasing a necklace, make sure you understand not only your design preferences but also the characteristics of the material before choosing the one that suits your purpose.