May 24, 2024


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The 6 Spain Things That Will Shock First-Time Visitors

20 Facts About Spain That Will Surprise First Time Visitors - ABC Money

Do you think you know everything about Spain? Here are some things that will shock you on your trip in Spain!

Spain is a land of different cultures and traditions knitted together. Wherever you go, you can see something unique that is breathtaking and unforgettable. The cultures might differ wildly in every village, but the beauty is constant.

If Spain has been a part of your traveling bucket list, then let us tell you – you’ve made the right choice!

However, before you start planning your Spain trip and packing your bags, there are some things you should know about the country.

Let us give you a friendly heads up – these facts about Spain might shock you, so be prepared.

  1. The Weather Is Hot, Like Really Hot!

The first thing you need to prepare is the weather because it’s extremely hot. If you’re grabbing your shorts and tanks, we’d advise you to grab your sunblock, too, because the sun will not spare your skin.

While you might love a great tan, your skin will feel burnt after a day out in the sun. In fact, we would suggest visiting during any season except summer if you don’t want your blood boiling.

  1. Spanish Food Is Extremely Good

Of course, if you’ve never had Spanish food, you might think, “I’ll mostly stick to the food I know.” But trust us, if you choose to do that, you’ll be missing out on scrumptious food Spain has to offer.

The country has some of the best food in the world, but how to find the ones that can truly satisfy your taste buds? Simple, read user experiences on review platforms like  OpinionesEspana to find the best eateries in town. 

After all, the best way to find if an eatery is worth visiting is by hearing the word of mouth, no pun intended. 

  1. Afternoon Shopping? Good Luck!

Here’s a big one. If you’re a day person, then shopping during the day is a no-no due to siesta because everything will be closed.

Basically, since Spain’s weather can go up to 40 degrees, the shopkeepers close down the shop between 2 pm and 4 pm. However, you don’t have to face this trouble if you’re visiting Barcelona and Madrid. 

We would suggest shopping for gifts online but before to get some expert advice when shopping online. After all, the more well-versed you are about where to shop from, the more money you’ll be able to save. 

  1. The Spanish Can’t Speak English

When you visit Europe, you expect people to know at least some English, but surprisingly the Spanish can’t converse in English (except in some parts of Barcelona and Madrid).

However, the language barrier doesn’t stop the Spanish from being friendly. You can always find mobile apps to translate the language while staying there.

  1. Traveling Is Cheap

It’s a known fact that Europe is an expensive continent for traveling. However, Spain is surprisingly cheap and affordable.

Can you imagine a meal at a five-star hotel that only costs $20? Imagine the stay at a nice hotel. Most of the country offers very reasonable accommodation and food.

  1. The Countryside Is Just As Beautiful

Spain is known for its beautiful cities like Seville, Barcelona, or San Sebastian; however, trust us, the countryside is just as beautiful.

We would urge you to book a trip to the countryside like Andalusia, Galicia, or Rioja. You’ll fall in love with the breathtaking landscapes.