January 30, 2023


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Top 5 bridal blouse

Top 10 Bridal Blouse Designs - FashionPro

The wedding season is here, and each bride fantasies about looking the prettiest version of herself at her wedding. Furthermore, for that, a ton of arrangement, hard work, and sweat go into the process of choosing the right bridal lehenga. We all focus a lot on lehenga but the blouse can make or break the look of your lehenga.

The style and fit of your blouse define the beauty of the lehenga but choices can be different depending upon the comfort and body type of the bride.

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Here are the top 5 different styles, which you can take inspiration from-

  1. Sweetheart neck blouse – We all have seen our favorite bridal designer Sabyasachi using this design as his signature blouse. You can also opt for this beautiful and classy blouse design for your big day. This blouse, as the name suggests has a beautiful sweetheart neckline with a good depth. And the back of this blouse remains low with a strap of 2” – 4” and the sleeve length remains till the elbow.
  2. High neck blouse – We all saw how pretty Deepika looked on her wedding day and how can we forget her high neck blouse. Brides who are not comfortable with the deep neck blouse can opt for a high neck blouse, and it looks stunning with heavy jewelry. These blouses usually have a back opening with hooks, and it is a fully covered blouse from the back as well. Sleeve length can be according to your choice, but it looks best with elbow-length sleeves. This blouse style can also be worn with your trousseau sarees.
  3. Round neck blouse – You can never go wrong with the classic round neck blouse. For years brides have been wearing round-neck blouses and are still in trend. Well, classics can never go out of trend. The depth of the neck can be customized, and the same goes for the back of the blouse. The best part about this style is that you can experiment with the depth and length of the blouse and it will still look gorgeous.
  4. Statement V neck blouse – V neck blouses are in these days. With the possibility to experiment with, this particular style can make you look sexy and classy all at once. Depth of the neckline can is customizable and the back can have many alternatives, where you can either keep a strap of a few inches or have a deep back, or else you can also go with a zip closure making it a high back blouse.
  5. Peplum blouse – For the brides who are not comfortable showing their belly can opt for this comfortable yet very fashionable blouse design and it can completely transform your look. This blouse consists of two parts basically, the top part (with is the blouse) and the bottom part (the flared part) which is called peplum.

All these blouse designs are not just in trend but can transform your look completely. You can book our stitching services for the best tailoring experience, and for more details, you can visit our site.