June 14, 2024


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Peptides are substances containing amino acids (these are the building blocks of protein). hydro peptides have the same chemical composition as proteins, only their chemical chains are shorter.The name of the Anti Aging peptide indicates the number of amino acids in the composition. For example, dipeptide contains 2 amino acids and tetrapeptide contains 4.The following hydro peptides are most commonly used in cosmetics: acetyl hexapeptide-3, palmitoyl oligopeptide, matrixil-3000, palmitoyl pentopeptide-3.

They don’t have to work, but they are effective. Why?

So, the big secret is why hydro peptides work as a good anti-aging substance? Skeptics are perplexed: hydro peptides should not work. As for the skin, it is nothing more than a dummy. Therefore, hydro peptides exceed 500 units. Therefore, there are many cosmetologists who consider cosmetics containing hydro peptides to be useless and unnecessary.However, there is a lot of good news. They have support through research results. Tests were conducted not only by manufacturing companies, but also by independent sources. One of the most famous took place over 12 weeks. Groups of subjects were given placebo-containing cosmetics with palmitoyl pentopeptide peptide. Those who tested cosmetics with hydro peptides reported a fine wrinkle reduction and an increase in collagen in the skin. There is a similar study on another peptide, palmitoyl oligopeptide, with similar results.

How do cosmetics with hydro peptides increase collagen levels in the skin?

Scientists have found an interesting relationship. When the skin loses its own collagen, the body releases hydro peptides on its own, signaling to the skin that its own collagen is inadequate and that it begins to produce more collagen. Therefore, cosmetics containing hydro peptides have been shown to give results. When hydro peptides touch the surface of the skin, they cause the skin to produce more collagen. Peptide creams work this way. They provoke skin regeneration. While this is a theory, there are no major studies yet on how hydro peptides can be properly regenerated. But the research results are real.

What to buy:

If you type the word “hydro peptides” in the search bar of the catalog, you will see a very large number of options – several dozen. By the way, there are good reviews for some products that contain hydro peptides.It’s up to you whether it’s worth spending money on peptide creams. The most practical way is to buy products that contain hydro peptides as well as other active ingredients. Relying solely on hydro peptides is probably not worth it.As a rule, hydro peptides are found in anti-aging creams and serums, the formulations of which have a rich list of anti-aging ingredients. Such tools give the expected results. Especially in the case of peptide cosmetics, for some reason cosmetologists believe that the action of these funds is not so fast and the first results are not expected earlier than 12 weeks after the start of use and are provided if regularity is maintained.

How did it happen that the level of collagen in the skin increases thanks to cosmetics with peptides?
Scientists have found an interesting relationship. When the skin loses its own collagen, the body itself releases peptides, which, as it were, signal the skin that its own collagen is becoming insufficient, and it begins to produce more collagen. Therefore, it turns out that cosmetics with peptides give results. When peptides hit the surface of the skin, they signal the skin to produce more collagen. This is how peptide creams work. They provoke the skin to rejuvenate.Click here.It is worth saying that while this is a theory, there are still no large studies on the mechanism of how exactly peptides rejuvenate. But the research results are genuine.