July 19, 2024


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Types of Pants for Women and Men

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The best thing about fashion is creativity and self-expression. And when we talk about pants, there is nothing more important than materiality and fit. Regardless of the use, the pants speak for themselves, and can be one of the key elements in your wardrobe, so it is a very good option to take into account the types of pants that exist, both for women and men, at the time of to buy.

A pant also speaks of your personality. And it is their construction that definitely makes the difference: many models help us correct certain aesthetic flaws by highlighting the silhouettes. Today there is a wide range of designs, each in formats according to our daily needs and body types.

In this guide we will explore Vlone collection models that help us highlight our attributes, stylizing our legs, making us look slightly slimmer or increasing -if we want it or not- the volume of our hips.

We select the most used types of pants in the men’s wardrobe to take advantage of when combining them with the rest of the garments of any outfit.

Pants with Darts

A classic from the forties! The darts are gathers that are created in front of the legs: they start at the waist and move down about 12-14 cm. The function of this cut is to provide more mobility, spaciousness and comfort.

Used well they can be a hit, but be careful with men who have more abundant hips, since they can generate the sensation of much more space in this area of ​​the body. Here the recommendation is clear: they are for formal use, for the office or an event that requires a touch of extra elegance.

Skinny or Skinny Pants

Part of the street wear trend, skinny pants conquered the masses in 2015 when relaxed silhouettes that were closer to the body took center stage. And here these pants are all the rage because they allow us to create very interesting looks. They are ideal for elongated bodies as they are very close to the body. If you feel like trying something new, say yes to your skinny jeans.

Straight Pants

They are ideal for styling both the length of the legs and the width. When straight pants reach low to the ankle it can create the optical illusion of proportional legs. Also, if the upper body area is usually wider and with volume, the straight pants regulate the dimensions generating much more harmony.

Carrot Cut Trousers

The carrot fit or ‘carrot cut’ stands out because the silhouette is wider at the top (either because it is looser or because the box incorporates some pleats) and tapers at the knee until it reaches the ankles, where it adjusts a little more, than but never as much as the cigarette. We like this idea especially for those who want to take more risks and dress with style.

Cargo Pants

For those who consider that their legs are too thin, cargo pants have a promise: to create volume in that area and to stylize the figure. If you like the idea, choose pants with small pockets so as not to create so much density in the area and achieve a relaxed look while remaining sophisticated.

Skinny or Skinny

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A pants very tight to the skin (skin, in English is skin) and long to the ankles. It defines the silhouette very much and is seen in stretch fabrics. Recommended with booties or very thin sandals to give height and style.

Straight or Straight

A classic that everyone knows based on a linear design from the waist to the ankle, it is perfect for shaping the figure, especially when we have wider legs and we need to give our body an effect of height.


High waist, wide to the feet. Draped and lightweight fabric typical of the 60s. Generally made in bulky fabrics and it may appear that a long maxi skirt is worn instead of pants.


They are flared pants with a seventies air, ideal for all types of figures, they give you a feeling of freedom and incredible vintage look.

High Waist Pants

Fitted at the waist, shaping the silhouette, these jeans are super flattering for the legs and outline the lower body. Generates a feeling of immediate height.


Thanks to this cut you can achieve a perfect sporty chic look, perfectly combining heels and suitable accessories from Vlone women fashion now online. These pants stand out for their wide sporty cut with a rubber band at the waist and also at the ankles.