April 18, 2024


Fashion just doctor ordered


Menswear catwalk trends Spring/Summer 2021 - TEXTILE VALUE CHAIN

If you want to pursue fashion, you can do as much as you want. However, it’s easy if you don’t want to be a fashionista and want to look fashionable compared to your surroundings.The points are effective ways to achieve that, so I always keep Men’s fashion in mind when coordinating. I hope that you will improve your fashion power by learning the four basic logics.

Do you really need a sense or talent to be fashionable?

Men’s clothing thinks it can be easy enough to be fashionable from the surroundings without a sense.For those who are always struggling to choose clothes, they may wonder how they can look fashionable without a sense.

There are two reasons why you can be fashionable without a sense.

The first is that I started from a state of no sense, and people around me started to call me fashionable.

Why don’t you need a fashionable and expensive brand?

Many people mistakenly think that wearing a high-end brand can make them fashionable.The same was true of the former Men’s fashion. But the reality is different.The most important thing to make it look fashionable is coordination (how to combine clothes).If you compare it to a school test, the score distribution will be about 80 points.Designer brands release quality items that fashionistas can reach where itching.

For example, we are particular about the details such as the thread that is the material of the fabric, the manufacturing method, the color, and the silhouette.

This is the remaining 20 points, if you compare it to the score distribution of the test.

Moreover, even if people who are not familiar with fashion try to solve it, there are many problems that they cannot solve and fail.These 20 points can only be understood by advanced fashion experts.That’s why it’s easier to look fashionable if you devote resources to coordination with a lot of score distribution.

Did anyone around you have such a conversation?

 In fact, most people don’t coordinate as they appear in fashion magazines.Men’s fashion goes to clothing stores many times a month for fashion research, but he always checks the fashion of passers-by, so I understand.The only people who are dressed at the fashion magazine level are the fashionable shop assistants.In fact, the clothes that everyone wears are standard styles, not trendy styles.The trend style is a style that is different from the standard style, and the clothes that everyone is wearing are the standard style.Dislike with everyone is an important way of thinking about developing fashion.

However, if you don’t understand the meaning correctly and act with everyone thinking that you don’t like it, you’re just a person wearing painful clothes.If you want to be fashionable at a level that is complimented by others, you don’t have to be at the forefront of trends.You can create a fashionable atmosphere by dressing a little like the classic style that many people do.Now, let’s move on to the specific coordination explanation of how to make it look fashionable easily.

Basics of how to combine clothes:

Each fashion item has its own attributes. Its attributes can be determined by whether it is suitable for business and casual situations.For example, slacks, suit jackets, and shirts are suitable items for the business scene.On the other hand, jeans, T-shirts, and open collar shirts are suitable items for the casual scene.In the business scene, it is best to choose clothes that are not rude to the other person and that do not make you feel uncomfortable. Its characteristic is that it is made of a glossy fabric with a clean silhouette without using a pattern.

Inevitably, it creates an adult-like atmosphere.

On the other hand, in the casual scene, choose clothes that are relaxing. However, there are many types of casual scenes because they change depending on the home wear, street wear, outdoor activities, sports scenes, and so on.Home clothes are free because they are not shown to people, and in the outdoor and sports scenes, the clothes you wear are usually decided, so you will not get lost.

The problem is street clothes.

While streetwear is free, it does not belong to any category such as outdoor activities and sports, so it cannot be said that it is all about outdoor activities and sportswear.Therefore, if you mix it properly and wear it, you will naturally get the right clothes.As a proof of that, it is commonplace to mix and wear clothes overseas, which is a developed country of clothes.